Lets start by saying, I am Maria Alvoide; A powerful love witch from the South of Atlanta. What is a love witch? Well, she's a witch that deals mostly in the practices of love, controlling emotions and is especially skilled in giving and receiving love. People always ask me at what age did I start practicing but it was honestly so far back that i don't even remember an exact age. Even as a child I did my own form of practicing! I always knew i was a witch. I truly think that is how one figures out they're a witch. It's more of a feeling or understanding about self.

I am extremely happy to bring this site to life so you guys can get to know me a bit better and to also help fellow witches and beginners understand their powers.

Im 24 years old and I studied computer Science in College. I've always been more of a techy type of girl. I literally sit at home and play SIMS 4 or make websites and designs for my clients during the week. I got into CSC during myspace when I would make html layouts for my online friends. CSC is an easy skill to learn. I say this because a majority of coding I know is self taught

I am a happy person overall but I do suffer from Depression and anxiety. Practicing witchcraft has honestly helped me with depression for so long. It helps me use my powers for Self Love which is important. Check out my Self Love Bath Spell here

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