Binding A Hater Spell

For this binding spell, write the hater's name on a slip of paper and place it on a table. Light a black candle. In a clockwise direction, surround the name with a circle of sea salt. With a short length of black embroidery floss, tie a knot tightly around the slip of paper, allowing it to crumple. As you tie the knot, say, “I bind you [name of hater

]. You are powerless to harm other people or the planet. Your insults are powerless. Your hostility is powerless. You shall cause no harm from this day forth.” Repeat 7 more times, with 7 more lengths of black thread. Extinguish the candle. Leave the paper and string in the ring of salt overnight. In the morning, flush the salt down the toilet and throw the bound name on a fire.

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