Court Case Spell

If someone has a court case against you, the classic hoodoo spell is the beef tongue spell, which has many variations. To work it, get a beef tongue from the butcher and nine sewing needles or nine pins, or even nine rusty nails. Write the full name of the person who opposes you nine times on a piece of paper (which piece of paper can be a photo of them, if you have one). If there are prosecutors or witnesses against you, write their names. If a police officer will testify against you, add his or her name as well. If you know their birth-dates, add those too. Then, either --

(1) Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name over theirs, crossing and covering their names nine times, and as you do so, say, nine times,

"[Names], i cross and cover you. Come under my command. I command you to hold your tongue."


(2) Write the words SHUT YOUR MOUTH! or SHUT UP! nine times to cross and cover the peoples' names and then curse them out loud in foul language as you order them to hold their tongues.

In either case, sprinkle the paper with red hot cayenne pepper powder and say MAY YOUR WORDS BURN IN YOUR MOUTH IF YOU SPEAK AGAINST ME.

Fold the paper away from you to keep these people off you, then turn the paper and fold it away from you again. Slit the beef tongue open with a horizontal cut, just big enough to put the folded paper in. Using the nine needles, pins, or nails, "stitch" the tongue shut again. Then tie it every which way with string or twine, to keep them toungue-tied.

Now, at this point, different folks do different things with the tongue.

A very old African-American tradition is to get a 6" brown candle, dress it with Court Case Oil and light it, then while it burns put the beef tongue into a pot of water with red beans, a chopped onion, and salt, say the 35th Psalm over it, and cook it up. Some people use nine brown candles for nine days and burn Incense as well, to strengthen the spell.

If the matter is a court case, and the person you want to silence is a witness, you can put it on to cook while court is in session. If someone is threatening to sue, you cook the tongue any time in the hope that the case will be dismissed because the witness is not going to be convincing in court or because you may be offered a deal.

If you like to use the 6" offertory candles in your work, burn 9 brown ones for a court case, INS dispute, or other legal matter. Keep them burning the entire time the tongue is cooking, lighting each one from the last. Or you can use one brown 7-day vigil or 9-day novena type candle, which will stay alight the entire time. One favourite Catholic remedy invoked for help in court cases and INS cases is to burn yellow El Nino de Atocha novena candles; he is said to aid prisoners. No matter what candles you choose, recite the 35th Psalm, and also the 37th, if you have an enemy working against you in the case.

When the tongue is done cooking and the beans are ready to eat, you serve it up and eat it. And that means eating the paper, too. As you eat the paper, say I EAT YOUR WORDS UNTIL YOU CAN NO LONGER SPEAK. You are symbolically swallowing the other person's ability to speak. Be careful not to swallow the needles. Put them aside and after your dinner of "hot stewed tongue," carry them to a crossroads, throw them over your left shoulder and walk home without looking back.

Other people don't cook the sewn-up tongue at all. Instead they set it in a metal bucket filled with vinegar and ice as they say MAY YOUR WORDS SOUR IN YOUR MOUTH. They keep it that way for nine days, burning the candles directly on the ice, to "freeze" the tongue of the witness. Then, on the day the matter goes to court, they pour off the vinegar and ice, pour kerosene over the tongue, say MAY YOUR TONGUE BURN IN YOUR MOUTH and light it on fire so that the witness will "go down in flames" while testifying.

Some urban hoodoo practitioners like to put the prepared beef tongue, uncooked, in the freezer, to "chill" or "freeze out" the witnesses. As they do this, they say MAY YOUR WORDS FREEZE IN YOUR MOUTH.

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