Depression Relief Spell

Use this mental health spell to get some relief

Things You'll need:

  • Rose Quartz

  • lavender

  • white,pink,or light blue ribbon

Take a piece of rose quartz about the size of a quarter or larger. Tie a sprig of fresh lavender to it with a white, pink, or light blue ribbon.

Bathe and dress comfortably and then light a white, pink, or light blue candle. If desired, anoint the candle with rose or lavender oil prior to lighting. Sit before the candle. Let its soft light and the sight of its dancing flame calm you.

Then, take the lavender and rose quartz charm in both hands and speak the following:

“I fill this charm with peace, hope, and love.”

Continue to hold the charm in both hands as you focus loving, peaceful energy into it. Sit before the candle with your charm for as long as you like, and when you feel ready, snuff out the candle. If possible, time your ritual so that might go to sleep for the night immediately after.

After charging your charm, sit quietly with it for at least a few minutes every day. Clear your mind of all thoughts and hold it in your receptive hand, letting its energy soothe you and fill you with hope. Meditate like so for as long as possible.

When not using the charm, keep it on your altar or some other safe place, preferably covered with a white, pink, or light blue cloth. The lavender should dry and stay intact, but if it should wither or break, simply replace it with another sprig. Re-charge your charm as often as you feel you should. You may use the ritual described above, or you may simply leave it in moonlight or charge it in some other simple way — the charm will know its purpose and your intentions after its initial consecration. If you replace the lavender or any other part of the charm, however, you may wish to repeat the full charging ritual.

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