Disease Preventing Ritual

When You level your energy and get some grounding, everything goes better for you. Keep in mind that the body is a manifestation of your thoughts. Therefore, you should be aligned with yourself

Things You'll Need:

  • 2 cups of sand.

  • 4 white candles

  • a container with a lid (it is important that it does not allow light to enter)

  • 1 large tray

Step 1: Wait for a full moon night. Place the sand on the large tray and let it sit under the moonlight to charge with its power all night.

Step 2: Before morning, put the sand in the container and close it tightly with the lid.

Now the sand is charged the energy of the moonlight, keep it sealed until the following night. If you wait longer, the healing force of your sand will weaken.

Step 3: Choose a place with little artificial light, it should be an outdoor space.

Spread the lunar sand in the chosen place, making a circle on the ground with it.

Step 4: Place the white candles on the north, south, east and west points. When finished, light them.

Step 5: Stand in the center of the circle and with your eyes closed, breathe in through your nose until your body is relaxed. Extend your arms with the palms of your hands looking towards the sky. Visualize a white light that desc

ends from the universe, penetrating into your body through your head and going into every corner of your body. Let yourself be filled by the light of the moon. Each of your limbs should feel lighter and brighter. Visualize it washing your entire body and then going down into the ground through the circle of sand.

Open your eyes, breathe in 3 times. Now, sweep the sand with a broom and dustpan. Bury it somewhere near your home.

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