Enchant Your Favorite Items

It's a good idea to enchant all of your favorite items so that if anyone steals them, they'll have bad luck and be begging to return the item. To do this you must first clear your mind. Set your will. Think only of your will. Take the item in your hands. Breathe in and breathe out towards the item. This process is called ‘pairing’. You actually infuse the item with your personal energy. Now visualize a bright light with the color associated with your will (see here about color magic) all o

ver you. Breathe in the light in you empowering your will and magic. Breathe out the light towards the item. Repeat another 8 times (total 9 times of complete circle of breathing in and out).Speak or whisper or sing the purpose of enchantment to the item as it’s a person and you set its goal.The item has been enchanted.

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