What You'll Need:

  • 1 white candle

  • 3 red candles

Step 1: cast a protection circle, for this, you can use your finger, athame or wand.

Step 2: place the white candle on your altar, facing North. Red candles should be placed in the other 3 remaining directions.

Step 3:Visualize your health improving (or that of your loved one) and chant with a firm voice:

“My limbs do not suffer from sores. My body doesn’t feel any pain. My health will always be with me. Let my body be cleansed of all disease, do not let it be destroyed. Grant that my body is healthy, clean, full of positive energies. So mote it be.”

Say this prayer once, then snuff off the three red candles and keep visualizing and feeling your goal. If this spell is for someone else, picture them outside, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Then extinguish the white candle that you had placed facing North.

Finally, close your circle of protection and finish your ritual.

It is very important that you be clear that health spells should be performed in comfortable calm places. Silence and peace are necessary for these rituals in order to achieve the level of concentration they require.

Your energies should now manifest all of the things you want, including, abundance and prosperity.

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