Make Someone Your Love Slave

Rituals made with the help of blood are considered to be one of the strongest and most effective in black magic. They act for certain, therefore, in order to carry out such manipulations, please, carefully consider everything again - there will be no way back. This spell for slavery is made for sugar. You need to light a candle of red color, take a piece of sugar and drop a drop of your blood on it, saying: "How is this drop dear to me, even if I (the name) will be so dear to you! Amen!" On growth, the moon is doing this spell. In the red wine drip three drops of your blood (from the finger or menstrual blood), reading the spell: "(Name) drink to the bottom, finish drinking! Take my blood in yourself. My blood is strong, but your will is weak. (Name), you are my slave now, I am your mistress. Your life is for me, I do not have the strength. There is no other you, now you are mine - forever. Amen!" If close communication with a man is impossible, make the ritual of submission at a distance. To do this, you will need a photo of a loved one, where he is in full growth, and a room flower that is constantly growing in your house for a long time. Before the full moon, in a few days, light a red candle, tear off a branch or a leaf from a flower, burn it on the flame of a candle, saying the spell: "I sacrifice you for sacrifice, for this spell of love. May it be so!" Ashes from the plant, put them in a bowl. It is believed that this flower will take care of all the consequences of a love spell. Then they will take a picture of their beloved ones, focus on it, focus on it, think about your own. Love, pierce them with a finger, draw a line through a photo that stretches from the genitals to the head, then they repeat the words of the spell and write down the photo. The remains of the photo are also placed in the dishes With ash from the flower. The ashes are mixed, half buried in a pot with a flower, and the second half should be sprinkled with the guy's threshold.

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