Self Love Bath Spell

Draw a warm bath. As the tub is filling add 2 cups of epsom salt (great for detoxification), 1 cup of pink himalayan sea salt, 1/2 cup of dried flowers and herbs (options include rose petals or buds, dried lavender, lemon balm, jasmine, or dried chamomile), 10 essential oils of choice, a handful of healing stones either in the bath or around the tub. I also like to light candles or burn incense or palo santo, this helps cleanse the energy.

In a small bowl, add some epsom salt, sea salt, and healing crystals. On a piece of paper write an intention, blessing or prayer and place in the bowl. You can place this bowl next to your candles.

As you enter your sacred goddess bath, keep your intention in mind. Cup your hands and rinse your body with the warm water bath you have drawn. Pour the water on your chest (heart chakra), throat (throat chakra), forehead (third eye chakra), top of your head (crown chakra). Then relax. You can listen to music or indulge in reading your favorite book or magazine.

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