Waning Moon Health Spell(for someone else)🌙

spell must be cast during a waning moon, at night, for its full effectiveness

What You'll Need:

  • 6 white candles

  • 1 Patchouli incense stick

  • Incense burner

  • 6 Bay leaves

Step 1: Place white candles forming a circle on the ground. In the middle of this circle, light the incense and put the bay leaves around it.

Step 2: Meditate until you reach inner peace. Whisper in a clear voice the following chant:

“May the health of (Name) improve and increase. By the power of 3 by 3, rescue him/her from that terrible disease.”

It is important that you meditate and visualize your goal until the incense is fully burnt. Think of the person you want to heal, about their good qualities and good deeds while focusing on the silence and peace of the moment.

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